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Assembly & installation instructions & advice

This page provides general assembly and installation advice and shows the two options we offer for the post foot location. We also show the fixing kit we offer

Our porch frames and porch kits are designed to be simple and quick to assemble and install. This enables any competent and confident homeowner, with a good level of  construction skills, to install a porch themselves, with one person as helper. If you are unsure about your level of ability, we recommend that you use a professional carpenter or builder. Please visit the Q&A page for further information.


Whether you choose to fit the porch yourself, or use a contractor, we are happy to support you or your contractor with advice throughout the process.


Typically, one of our porch kits takes one day to install and one day to roof. This of course doesn't include any preparation of the base or step, or the painting or staining of the finished structure.

Foot options

We offer two foot options for locating the porch posts - see below


Option A - Galvanised location pads £80 per set of 4

The location pad is screwed to the step or slab and the post drops on top. This offers a secure location and lifts the post clear of any surface water.


Option B - Granite staddle stones price on request

The staddle stone is a good option if you would like to build your step around the porch as shown in the picture, or want your porch to sit higher off the step, or slab. The staddle stone is 23cm high.

Fixing pack £60

The fixing pack includes fixing screws to assemble the frame,  and post base plates. For additional items you will need to complete the porch, go to the Q&A page.

Are you capable of installing your porch

Post foot location options and fixing pack

Fixing pack, with galvanised location pad above

Option B

Option A

What's involved with assembling and installing our timber porches


Each porch is part assembled to make assembly and installation as quick and simple as possible.


The components are packed in a protective crate and delivered direct to your address. The crate is not weather tight, so we do recommend that you unpack and assemble the porch frame as soon as possible to avoid swelling, since this could affect the joints, making assembly difficult.


We supply a fully detailed manufacturing drawing with each order and this illustrates how the porch is assembled. Along with your timber porch, we also supply two sizes of timber plug to cover any screws that are used to assemble the frame and fix the porch frame to the property.  We supply 25mm plugs for the rear post, to enable a large headed rawl type bolt to be used and 15mm plugs for all other seen fixings. These are simply glued and inserted and cleaned off with a chisel.


Our porch frames are designed to be screwed together. We offer a fixing pack that includes screws to assemble the porch frame and the option of post location pads, or granite feet, which are shown above. You do not need to purchase these items from us, but we do include them as options when we provide a quote. We do not supply the bolts or screws to secure the porch frame to the building and recommend you take independant advice to ensure the correct fixings are used for the construction of the building.


Finally, if there are any aspects of our product or service that you are unsure about, please contact us and we would be delighted to answer your questions. You can find our contact details on the 'Contact' page, or call us on 0345 222 0155, or email us at

Typical porch assembly pictures and PDF assembly and installation download below

Assembly Shot 1 Assembly Shot 2 Assembly Shot 3 Assembly Shot 4 Assembly Shot 5 Assembly Shot 6 Assembly Shot 7 Assembly Shot 8 Assembly Shots 9 Assembly Shots 11 Assembly Shots 12 Assembly Shots 13 Assembly Shots 14 Assembly Shots 15 Assembly Shots 16

















The assembly pictures above correspond to the assembly and installation PDF. To download and print this documet, which includes the pictures for easy reference, click the grey 'PDF' button. The document will take you through the steps to assemble and install a typical porch frame and offers additional advice covering roofing and decoration.

Assembly and installation advice in PDF form


Customer feedback ...

"The dimensions were precisely accurate and the fact that David and his team had pre-assembled the whole thing and then disassembled for delivery, meant that even keen amateurs like us could make a very professional looking job of it."


Mr Sear - Nottinghamshire