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We would be delighted to quote against architects schematic designs or full production drawings, or our own designs to a specified size. Please send these in PDF or JPEG format to us via our 'Contact' page and we will respond with a quotation.


Production lead times will vary depending on quantity, however, we offer a responsive service and will always aim to meet your project timeline.


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Getting a quote is simple, just follow the 4 steps below and email us, or

call 0345 222 0155

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Step 1 - Email a few pictures to us showing where the porch will be fitted. See the customer examples above

Step 2 - Using the picture key above as a guide, tell us in your email what the measurements are of A,B,C,D, E & F

              A = The width of the overall door frame

              B = The height of the whole door frame

              C = The measurement from the ground to the bottom of the door step

              D = The measurement from the top edge of the door frame to the window above, or any large obstruction

              E = The measurement from the left hand side edge of the door frame to the wall, pipe, or any obstruction

              F = The measurement from the right hand side edge of the door frame to the wall, pipe, or any obstruction

Step 3 - Tell us which of our porch designs you would like us to quote for. Click Porch Ranges in the menu bar

Step 4 - Finally, tell us if you have any particular requirements, or ideas that could affect the price we quote


To email your request, either go to 'Contact' in the menu, or click the 'red email' button    


For architects and developers, please see below

If you would prefer to call us with the information,

please contact us on 0345 222 0155

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Picture key for measurements

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