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The English Porch Company

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What is included with your order

Each porch kit includes all the timber elements that make up the porch frame, including posts, side frame, front cross beam, roof trusses, decorative brackets, facia moulding, temporary roof truss battens and 15mm and 25mm diameter softwood or hardwood plugs to cover any visible screw fixings. If you also order one of our post fixing options and a fixing pack, these will also be included with your delivery. To assist you or your builder to assemble and install the porch, the production drawing we supply for your approval before we manufacture your porch should be retained.

Our porches are delivered in a protective crate by a national carrier anywhere throughout the British mainland. Your order must be signed for and will be delivered on a day convenient to you, Monday to Friday,  however, we are unable to prebook a timed slot. The crate is offloaded by pump truck from a vehicle with a tail lift. The crate will be moved as close to your desired location as possible, but it is not possible to move the crate over uneaven, or rough ground. If your delivery location could pose problems, of may result in the crate being offloaded in a dangerous, or inconvenient position, please let us know when placing you order and we can discuss with you options for unloading. For oversized porches which cannot be offloaded by pump truck, you will need to make arrangements to have two people on hand to unpack and offload the porch components and crate, when the vehicle arrives.

We design and manufacture our porch kits to ensure they are easy to assemble and install by a competent homeowner, or builder. Each porch is generally supplied part assembled, along with a full production drawing, which is supplied to the customer. It is important that you consider carefully your level of ability when deciding whether to carry out the installation yourself. The installation does require the lifting of heavy items, the use of power tools and also working on ladders, or trestles. If you are not experienced in such work, or have any concerns, we recommend that you ask a qualified, or capable company or individual to carry out the work. If you are in any doubt, please call us.

The installation of a porch may be subject to planning permission. We are unable to offer advice in respect of planning matters which might apply to your particular installation and we recommend that you contact your local planning authority to ascertain if you require planning permission, or building regulations before placing an order for one of our products.

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Your questions answered

How will your porch be delivered

Will you be able to assemble and install your porch

Will you need planning permission

How can you decorate your porch

Can we make a porch to fit your property

Will you be able to contact us for advice

Do you need to prepare a step, or base for the porch

Our timber porches can be manufactured to a wide range of sizes to suit each customer's individual requirements. All we require are a few photographs of the building and some basic dimensions etc. This informationc can be found on the 'Get a Quote' page.

Our porch kits are delivered unfinished, but have been prepared ready for final sanding and finishing by the customer. Our porches can be painted or stained and we would recommend each customer seeks professional advice to ensure a suitable product is used. If the porch is stained, customers should note that this method of finishing will not obscure knots, fixing positions, or natural imperfections in the timber. Once you have decided on your preferred finish, we can offer you further advice.

Our porch frames or kits can be installed onto an existing slab, step, or base. Whether you have an existing base, or are constructing a new base, it is important that this is solid and will not sink or move, in the case of slabs. When ordering your porch, we will ask you for information about the base, including dimensions, this will enable us to take the size into account when preparing our drawing.

How long will it take to produce your porch

The process from first enquiry through to delivery can take as little as 6 weeks. However, a typical order usually takes 8 - 10 weeks from the first enquiry as we go through a process of discussion, drawings and customer approvals before manufacture.

Our porch kits are manufactured from sustainably sourced timbers. Options include joinery grade softwood, which is vacuum treated with a clear preservative for added durability and hardwood, including air dried and green oak.

What timbers are our porches manufactured in

We have invested a great deal of time creating our designs and these are protected under copyright laws. Whilst we are flattered that people may wish to copy our designs, please avoid making this mistake as we will enforce our rights of product protection.


What will your quote include

Our quotes include a price for an all softwood, softwood with hardwood posts and all hardwood porch. We will also give you options for the post base fixing and our fixing kit. We try to include everything and our price will only change if there is a meaningful change in size, design, or materials later on. Finally, we also include the delivery cost as a seperate item. After receiving your quote, if you are unclear about anything, please call us for an explanation.

If you have any questions which are not dealt with here, please contact us by going to the 'Contact' page, or call us.

We pride ourselves on the high level of customer service we provide and encourage all prospective customers to ask as many questions as they like. Once you have placed an order, we will keep you updated throughout the process to ensure you have no worries or concerns, including full support for you and your builder once your porch arrives.

What you will need to buy to complete your porch

If you choose not to purchase one of our foot options, or fixing pack, you will need to purchase the following items to assemble your porch. Four post bottom plates, 50 No5 100mm wood screws, 15 No4 30mm wood screws and suitable rawl type plugs for the base plates if ordered and 15mm and 25mm spade bits for the counter bore holes. You will require a minimum of 4 rawl type bolts to secure the porch frame to the house, but please seek advice to determine which fixing is the most suitable and the quantity. We recommend glueing the joints as they are assembled. You should purchase a waterproof exterior clear woodglue for this. Finally, the roofing materials, including your choice of roof board, tile membrane, battens and tiles etc will need to be purchased to match your existing property. Further advice regarding this can be found in the Assembly PDF found on the Assembly page.

Timber characteristics

Every piece of timber we use on our porches, whether softwood, oak or sapele will be different. Some will have more knots than others and some may be slightly rougher. These are all normal features of a natual product, designed for exterior structures.


Unlike our other designs, the Yeovil green oak porch has a sawn finish, meaning you will be able to see the marks made by the teeth of the blade and you will find that some areas have surface blackening, which is caused by oxidation when the metal tools come in contact with the oak during manufacture. In addition, we do not trim the oak on all sides, as a result you may find that some pieces have a silvered colour. This is the finish and colour your porch will turn after it has been installed and has weathered.


You can rejuvenate the finish by using oxalic acid, which is readily avaialble through online resellers and is simple to use.


If you would like to discuss the issues mentioned above to ensure you are happy before placing an order, please call us.